France Télévisions Group

France Télévisions, with 6 linear channels and a market share of 29.9% in 2011, is the leading audiovisual group in France and the parent company of France Télévisions Distribution.

Driven by the will to constantly entertain, surprise and challenge the audience, the group thrives at the leading edge of the industry: taking risks and venturing where few programme-makers would tread. Dynamic and forward-looking, France Télévisions endeavours to develop new formats and cross-media platforms alongside programming, with digital projects playing a crucial role from the outset in all of our creative processes.

As a public broadcaster, France Télévisions is also a major source of support for all genres of French programming and production. With a total investment of 444 million € in French productions, France Télévisions is the leader in commissioning premium documentaries in France and the largest commissioner of animation in Europe.

France Télévisions Channels

Broadcast in France's overseas territories, Premiere is a group of 9 channels that promotes local cultures.

Premium and general entertainment channel, France 2 has the mission to attract and unite audiences with appointment-to-view programming that appeals to all ages. France 2 is the second biggest channel by market share in France.

France 3 is the channel of proximity and authenticity. With its regional roots and network, France 3 is ranked every year by the public as their favourite channel in France.

Digital terrestrial channel, France 4 targets 20-40 year-olds with eclectic and entertaining programming.

France 5 is the channel of knowledge and discovery, and aims to promote access to culture by arousing the audience’s curiosity.

France O is the digital channel of diversity. It advocates values of tolerance and openness.

France Télévisions Distribution

To generate success, France Télévisions Distribution works with producers and rights owners to maximize revenue for their programmes and properties across all media and digital platforms.

France Télévisions Distribution offers a comprehensive strategy for exploiting rights in areas such as consumer products, home entertainment and video-on-demand services, the publication of magazines and books, games and music, and live events, as well as the co-production and worlwide distribution of audiovisual programmes.

France Télévisions Distribution: rights distributor, brand manager

Content Sales

France Télévisions Distribution brings the best of France to broadcasters around the world, incorporating the high quality content commissioned by the France Televisions Group.

With several awards for the French Prize for Export, France Télévisions Distribution is the country's leading exporter of TV programmes. By working closely with independent producers in the fields of sales, pre-sales and co-production, we make sure that French programmes get the best international exposure.

Our extensive catalogue of more than 7000 hours covers all genres and is available for all broadcast on all media and digital platforms.